Issues facing executives at retirement are increasingly complicated and varied.  Primarily this is because work has assumed a major role in the leader’s life. Technology and the interdependence of the world’s economies has created a work environment that demands virtually a 24/7 focus on business matters.  This can inevitably be at the expense of family life and personal interests.

This course takes a coaching format and is delivered on a one-to-one basis.  Our coaching consultant will liaise with the individual in advance to agree a date and tailor the content of the course to suit their particular needs.  The course aims to address any specific concerns the person might have and content usually consists of some or all of the following modules:

  • Personal Identity Module
  • Healthy Lifestyle Module
  • Managing your Money Module
  • State Pension & Entitlements Module
  • Relationship Module
  • Time Management Module
  • Planning Module
  • Any other content as required

We strongly recommend that spouses or partners attend on the day since they will also be affected by the changes that take place in retirement.  Spouses or partners may attend the Executive Course free-of-charge.

For more details or to book an Executive Course, please contact us.