The idea of retirement can take some getting used to.  It is a time when all the major points in our life will change – our daily routine, our financial means, our role, status and identity are all affected.

Preparing yourself, understanding the time ahead and taking control are all key parts of the planning process.

Prepare Yourself »
Retirement can be a time of great upheaval – not just financially but emotionally, psychologically and physically. Stopping to plan for retirement helps you really start to think about the time ahead. It allows you to consider all the various aspects of your life and the way that retirement will impact them. Once you are familiar with the changes that might lie ahead, you are then in a position to begin preparing for how you might handle any personal adjustments that need to be made.
Understand your new life stage »
Retirement is the next stage in your life and just like during other life stages (childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age) it is important to have a clear idea about the direction you would like to take. Planning for retirement helps to ease the move from one life stage into the next. People’s experience varies enormously and planning properly helps you look at the different kinds of retirement you could have. It lets you think about what will best suit your own individual situation and personality.
Take responsibility of your own time »
Often retirement can be longer than the time we have spent in our career. One major difference, however, is that our time is now our own and what we do with the time is entirely up to us. To make the most of our time, it helps to give ourselves some focus by setting out clear milestones and personal goals. This provides a structure by which we can measure our success and achievements, it helps provide a focus for us and plays a vital role in preserving our feelings of self-worth.
Gain reassurance »
It is not unusual for people to feel uncertain about their retirement. Taking the time to plan helps people to consider the opportunities that await and to believe that retirement can be a time of great adventure. Undertaking a group course in particular can provide great comfort as we realise that others are facing similar worries and are feeling the same way. Planning together to address these concerns goes a long way to eliminating them altogether.
It's good sense and good practice »
Research has shown that those who plan for retirement live longer and are more content than those who do not. Our experience over the past four decades of helping people to plan for the changes retirement brings is such that we are certain a planned retirement is a more enjoyable and more fulfilled retirement.