Prepare for the transition to the next stage of life

Course aim

This course aims to promote a holistic approach to retirement planning where financial preparation is not the only focus.

Course audience

This course is designed for people who are approaching retirement. It is best undertaken about 18 months before the actual retirement date.

Course content

  • Change
  • Finance
  • Healthy Living
  • Social Welfare
  • Legal
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Social Engagement
  • Developing a Personal Plan

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Course Details

The elements covered in this course are:



It is important to focus on the changes that occur (Routine, Identity and Relationships) as these impact the person whom is retiring as well as those family and friends near and dear to them.

Finance (Investment, Tax and Pensions)

A look at what the person wants and needs financially taking investment, tax and pension issues into account. Simply, it is important to think what you want to do and then consider the Revenue implications.

Healthy Living (Diet, Exercise and Mental Health)

We discuss the requirements in each of the areas above so that the chance of a long healthy and enjoyable retirement are improved.

Social Welfare entitlements

State pensions are discussed as well as the other benefits to which you may be entitled.

Legal (Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Healthcare Directives)

The importance of making a will (and perhaps setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney) is discussed in detail.

Mental Stimulation - Hobbies

Research shows that most of us get our mental stimulation from the work we do. When work is no more where will you get this challenge? An active brain contributes to a healthy retirement.

Social Engagement

The importance of real social networks (not Facebook, Twitter, and so on.) is very important. We discuss how to develop new and maintain existing social networks.

Develop your Personal Plan

As people go through the course various items will impact. These are captured at the end of each session and developed into a prioritised plan before the end of the course. All participants leave with a clear idea of what they want and need to do to maximise their next stage of life.

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