Corporate Membership benefits


You get first preference on our courses

As a Corporate Member you get first preference on places on our nationwide Planning-for-Retirement programmes.

You will get discounted rates for your employees, spouses and partners

Corporate Members get discounted rates for employees, spouses or partners on our open Planning-for-Retirement programmes.

You pay €470 to attend one of the programmes and your spouse or partner pays €250.

Ordinary members pay €530 each for the programme and their spouses or partners pay €265.


Corporate Members get reduced rates for all in-house courses

You will get reduced rates for all in-house or in-company programmes.

Tailored programmes

We work with our Corporate Members to design and deliver tailored programmes to meet the needs of your organisation and staff.

Dedicated Corporate Member events

Corporate Members receive occasional invitations to dedicated Corporate Member events.

Content for your in-house publications

We will provide material for in-house publications free of charge for Corporate Members. This material can be on any subject relating to retirement.

We keep you updated on retirement news and legislation updates

All our Corporate Members receive regular Retirement Planning Council updates and newsletters about retirement-related issues.

Corporate Members resource area

This area gives you access to items and information of particular relevance to you as a Corporate Member. These items will not be available elsewhere on our site.

International best practice news

We continually monitor best retirement practice in Ireland and around the world and will post these items here. We welcome suggestions and feedback in relation to the content.  We are determined to give you value for your annual membership (in addition to discounted course fees)!

Apply for Corporate Membership

To become a corporate member we ask that you complete the application form.

The Board of Directors approves all membership applications.