Begin your long term planning for retirement

Course aim

To re-assess your financial options and priorities in order to prepare for the future.

Course audience

This course has been designed for people in their 30s and 40s – those with time to take action in order to ensure a financially healthy retirement.

Course content

  • Change
  • Financial Requirements
  • Investments
  • Tax
  • Pensions

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Course Details

The elements covered in this course are:


What changes over the span of one's working life?

What changes over the span of one's working life? How do patterns of expenditure alter - mortgage, education, and so on.

Managing your Finances

An assessment of the person's current financial position and their priorities.

Understanding Pensions

Pensions - occupational and State. What to consider and do to maximise both pensions.

Introduction to Social Welfare

Social Welfare - what are your entitlements and the necessity to maintain your record of PRSI contributions.

Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future - develop a realistic and prioritised series of actions in order to achieve your goals.

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