In Person, Online and Hybrid programmes are now available to book with RPC

By October 5, 2021News

Laura Farrell CEO

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland (RPC) is delighted to announce the return of its programmes in person.

RPC successfully launched its bespoke online learning platform RPC Learn to facilitate the delivery of online pre-retirement courses in response to the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year. This ensured pre-retirees could access RPC’s holistic retirement programmes and supports remotely and safely during the pandemic.

From November, RPC will once again offer its programmes in person at various locations around the country whilst continuing to offer a remote option.

RPC members, corporate and individual clients have found the remote platform easy to access, user-friendly and intuitive. As a result RPC has now also developed a hybrid offering which allows clients to co-design their programme with the Council delivering a mix between live and virtual depending on client preferences.

Speaking of this development, RPC’s CEO Laura Farrell said “We were determined to develop an experience that was as close to our face to face offering, as is possible in an online capacity. We’re delighted to see that the Platform has delivered for our members and clients. That said we very much look forward to moving back to our face to face offering in November alongside our remote platform RPC Learn. The exciting part is being able to now offer a blend of virtual and live delivery for our clients in line with their needs”.

RPC have now opened their in person and online portfolio of dates from November onwards at