The Changing Face of Retirement

By June 13, 2019Financial, Press

RPC COO Derek Bell was recently featured in the June edition of the Irish Broker. The article talks about retirement and how people should properly prepare for it with the help of Standard Life. 

According to the piece; social, cultural, economic and technological shifts have created big differences in how people view and prepare for retirement. However, the chronic lack of understanding of the real impact of these changes is resulting in people being vastly under prepared. 

The article also talked about how retirement is no longer a destination but a process of change. Standard Life provided statistics on how people in Ireland consistently underestimated longevity and are not putting enough to meet future requirements. With the help of the Second Life Questionnaire, future retirees will have a better grasp of what they need which revolves around health, wealth, and connections. Derek shared that 80% of people’s social contacts are based in the workplace.